Revolutionize Your Investing with Unrivaled Free Stock Research through WikiWealth

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Since 2008, the latest “Great Recession” has totally transformed the way the economy operates and how investors decide which companies are worth investment. Today’s savviest investors know that you can’t simply run off half-cocked and merely hope for the best. Instead, “safe” investments demand impeccable stock research that goes beyond mere charts and entails comprehensive background information, reports, clear ratings and easy to understand company information. That’s why the advent of free stock research through now offers traders and investors with a toolkit of total knowledge and smarter investment strategies. More importantly, WikiWealth’s research is 100% free and surpasses what investors have come to expect from even paid stock analysis for companies and providers.

So, why do stock research reports beat the Wall Street competitor sites hands down every time? For any number of reasons…

* Current, updated stock prices, report updates, news updates, chart updates and enhanced chart functions are just a few of the tools investors have access to around the clock

* WikiWealth was created by investors, for investors – with an eye towards simplifying and explaining stock analysis for both the novice and seasoned investor

* WikiWealth offers 75 Excel-based valuation tools as educational resources

* WikiWealth allows investors to take advantage of Wall Street analysis tools including: discounted cash flow analysis, WACC analysis, relative value multiples analysis, Buffett formula analysis and 10 year projected financial results

Without a doubt, the free stock research tools available through WikiWealth so far surpass those offered by the traditional Wall Street approach or the free tools offered by Yahoo or Google that you’ll never look back. Plus, in addition to being able to research the latest stock information, the site also provides free and up-to-date access to a host of other vital investment information and tools, such as:

* Currency Research

* Commodity Research

* Fund Research

* Industry research

* Plus country-specific research and information for international investors

The WikiWealth investment mentality embraces the opportunities that thrive in the midst of economic risk. Far from viewing investing as yet another form of gambling, WikiWealth knows that with a clearly defined investment strategy and a wealth of relevant, highly targeted investment and stock research, the educated investor can bravely dare to penetrate markets and opportunities that exist where other investors fear to tread. With an Investing Forum, Investing Tips and even Investing Videos, WikiWealth goes beyond the basics and has emerged as THE leading provider of in-depth, free stock research and information for investors the world over.

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Are You On Course For Financial Success?

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We’ve all seen other people who we believe to be financially successful. They may drive sports cars, live in large houses and dress in expensive clothes. But how real is their financial situation? That may seem like a really strange question to ask. After all, surely all of these expensive purchases are a sign that they’re doing well?

In some cases, they may be. But it can also be true that appearances can be very deceptive. We can see this very clearly when we look at the bigger picture in many developed countries around the world. With large financial sectors, we would often have assumed that many of these economies were booming. But we’ve come to realise that the wealth that we all see is not always genuine.

In many instances, wealth seems to be built on a mountain of debt. We can identify with this when we notice just how much people borrow on credit cards. It seems that many people have become used to borrowing large sums of money at very high interest rates.

What has all of this got to do with you? That’s a question that you may well be asking. This article is, after all, about your financial success. So why should you care if your friends and neighbours are using credit cards extensively? The reason is that this may well reflect your own spending patterns. It may indicate that your own finances aren’t built on the most stable foundations.

It should give you cause to stop and think about your own approach. How is your financial future looking? You may not have stopped to think about this previously, but your finances will probably be very closely linked to your future successes. Having a firm financial basis will put you in a good position to succeed. But things won’t simply happen automatically. You’ll need to work hard to achieve that success that you desire.

You’ll also need to spend time thinking about your current situation. Are you confident that you’re in a strong position? Is your financial future looking bright? It can be hard to answer these questions without carrying out some analysis. In particular, you might want to review your current levels of income and spending.

It really is a mistake to imagine that your finances will simply sort themselves out. In reality, your financial future is completely in your own hands. You have the power to change things for the better.

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What is a CVV on a Visa Credit Card?

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The CVV is an authentication procedure that is used in so-called “card not present” transactions, such as those done over the phone, fax, or internet. The cardholder is asked to enter the CVV number in the order form or say it to the person taking the phone order. This number is located on the back of the card and is a 3 or 4 digit number that is printed, but not embossed, at the end of the 16 digit printed account number. It appears on all Visa cards. The CVV code is not part of the card’s account number, and it is not embedded in the magnetic strip. The CVV code helps determine that the customer making the order is in possession of the actual card and that the account is legitimate. Though it may be called different things by different card companies, it works the same way.

If the customer is not in possession of the card or cannot for some reason give the CVV, then a flag is raised. At that time the merchant must make a decision whether to proceed with the transaction or not. Not having or not disclosing a CVV is not enough by itself to halt a transaction without human intervention.

While the CVV method of credit card verification is certainly useful, it isn’t perfect. In fact there are scams making the rounds that prey on the sense of security that the CVV confers.

Here is how it works:

Someone calls you and says they are calling from the Security and Fraud Department at Visa (or MasterCard or American Express). They’ll tell you their badge number or some other “official” sounding credential. He or she will say that your card has been flagged for an unusual pattern of purchases and they are calling to verify your card. This person already has your 16 digit credit card number.

Now that you’re alarmed, the caller says that they will be issuing a credit to your account. What they’re doing is making it seem as if they’re on your side so you let your guard down. They’ll say the credit will be sent to whatever your address is and ask if the address is correct.

At this point the actual scam starts. The caller says that he or she must verify that you are in possession of your card, and ask if you will turn the card over and ask for the last four digits of the card number and the three security numbers after the card number: your CVV.

The scam artist already has your credit card number, and if you “confirm” your CVV, he now has enough information to make card not present transactions, so be on your guard against this scam.

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Peter Carville is a freelance article writer who writes for Financial Facts about the current financial news and the credit crunch.

Strapped for Cash? 3 Unusual Jobs That Will Help You Make Ends Meet

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Having trouble making ends meet? Why not take on a few unusual jobs here and there to complement what you make from your 9 to 5? Whether you need the extra cash to pay down a credit card debt, pay off student loans, or save for your emergency fund, these unusual jobs are an excellent opportunity to make some money on the side.

1. Mystery Shopper

Ah, the perks of mystery shopping. Steak dinners, oil changes, beer, rental cars, pet food, hotel rooms, $180 sunglasses, or even $57 bikini underpants—there is practically no limit to the things that you can get for free by being a mystery shopper!

It is not nirvana all the way, though. You have to complete multiple-page paperwork; and if you do the report wrong, you might not get reimbursed! How do you become a mystery shopper? Simply sign up with mystery-shopping companies.

2. Resident Manager

Unhappy over how much you have to fork over to your landlord every month? Stay in your apartment rent-free by becoming a resident manager!

Right now, I manage a building with only 18 units. It’s an ideal situation. There is very little turnover; and in exchange for occupying my unit rent-free, all I have to do is look after the property, show vacancies, run some credit reports, answer a few tenants’ questions, replace bused hallway lights, and come to the rescue of tenants who get locked out.

3. Furniture Tester

Want to get paid for relaxing? Manufacturers actually pay people for stretching out on mattresses, loafing on sofas, and sitting on chairs! Naturally, you have to report how you found the experience – but that is a walk in the park compared to the things other unusual jobs require of you. So, go ahead, look for an unusual job today.

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Pension Mistakes That Could Prove Costly to Your Financial Future

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Your pension could play a large role in your retirement and yet so many people are not giving it the care and attention it needs to flourish. If you make a mistake with your pension, you could end up paying for it, for years, even decades to come.

Now that we are all living longer, it is estimated that Britons could spend up to 20 years in retirement and it has never been more important to take back control of your pension and retirement income.

Pension Transfer Specialists, Value My Pension work with clients to help them improve their pension and have witnessed many common mistakes – although as they explain below, it is possible to right any wrongs, and with the correct advice, you could avoid them entirely.

Too Little, Too Late

It’s an all too familiar story – we are all busy with our lives and the priorities we have in the present, to give as much consideration as we should to the future.

We build careers, we buy homes, we start families and we can all be guilty of falling in the trap of thinking we have years ahead of us to save for our retirement.

But beware – saving over the long term will obviously bring with it years of growth. If we are late in starting a pension, then we may have to significantly increase our contributions in a shorter growth period.

And don’t forget about the tax breaks you can receive on pension contributions, which could make a real difference over a longer timeframe also – for every £100 paid into your pension, only £80 comes from you and the other £20 comes from the government, in the case of basic rate tax payers.

For each year you don’t have a pension, the level of your potential contributions will be rising, so the sooner you can start a pension, the better and even if you start small, it is better than putting it off entirely.

Contact one of Value My Pensions pension transfer specialists for a competitive valuation today.

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Head of Marketing – Greene Financial Plannning

Unemployed Personal Loans – Terrific External Financial Aid For Unemployed People

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As long as you have been laid off your job then it is quite worried standing as it from-time-to-time afflicts you. Having no income in hands you’ll always find yourself failure to meet your personal needs. So, you are thinking bad and try to make wrong decision due to depression in mind. You thing, how to arrange external large fiscal it is now very easy to lay on huge financial help through unemployed personal loans. As a result, you can make your life free from worrisome situation. These loans are applied by all in effective way.

In unemployed personal loans lender will provide crucial two types of loan secured and unsecured loan aid. In lieu of secured loan you have to put your assets as collateral aligned with the lender. In this money providers would offer you amount in keeping with the worth of assets. In this you can get your hands on the amount that varies from $5000 to $75000 and you have to reimburse this amount within 5 to 10 years. No need to fret in this lender will make reasonable installment so that may not face any difficulty in repaying loan right on time. Interest rate is charged very low for the approved amount.

In contrary, in order to avail unsecured loan you are not required to put any of your valuable assets as collateral against lender. In this they will provide you amount that will vary from $1000 to $25000 and you have to repay amount from 6 months to 5 years. You can opt for any loan in line with your desire and expenses. Plus you can make use of the granted amount for meeting various needs such as house improvement, purchasing second hand car or new car, paying higher education fees, paying grocery and electricity bills, wedding expenses, planning to a family trip, debt consolidation and so on.

Even to grab hold unemployed personal loans you are not required to follow- up long and deadly procedure which is a lot time consuming. In this you are to submit less paper which is not at all time wasting. The best fraction of these loans people who are undergoing from defective tag like defaults, arrears, CCJs, IVA, bankruptcy, foreclosure, skipping installments etc are not required telling to lender because in this there is no process of checking past and current credit records of the borrowers. By filling out a simple online application form, the cash will be transferred directly into the bank account of borrowers in single day.

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George Phoenix is a financial specialist of personal loans for unemployed, which provides genuine information and advice on any type of loan like personal loans & unemployed personal loans etc.

Housing Grants for Single Mothers

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Single mothers often have to put their personal lives on hold as they struggle to afford to keep their children in decent health, comfort and housing. In these cases there are numerous grants for single moms offered by the government that can benefit not only your standard of living, but also help towards housing costs, and to also help advance your education.

College grants for single mothers or parents are a form of financial assistance, although differing from loans in the respect that they typically do not have to be paid back. One of the most widespread and well known grant is called the Pell Grant, which is a federal based initiative. The Pell Grant is designed for post-secondary education, and it assists towards your cost of attendance (COA). Being a single mom may also warrant you to unique grants that can help with additional items such as books and equipment.

When applying for a Pell Grant you will be placed into an income bracket, and depending upon this bracket, you may be suitable for a Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG). Through your Pell Grant application you will be given an Expected Family Contribution (EFC) score, which, if low enough will qualify you for the FSEOG.

An additional service the government provides is housing grants for single mothers. The internet is a good place to start out researching these grants, as federal aid comes in many shapes and forms, from providing subsidized housing to eligible people, to aiding renovation and repair to present homeowners. This latter aid is supplied by the Housing and Community Facilities Programs (HCFP), and aims to assure that individuals can afford the financing.

Another service worth knowing about is the Family Unification Program (FUP), which focuses on separated families, or families with the threat of approaching separation. Those families, or individuals who lack satisfactory housing may be eligible for Housing Choice Vouchers (HVCs), which can be used to obtain safe, affordable housing units in the private rental market.

Of course there are more federal grants on offer, but ones for housing, and education are the most well-known, and accessible. Before applying for any grants it is always worth considering your present situation, your needs, and which version of these grants will match you best.

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Make Sky High Phone Bills A Thing Of The Past

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In a day and age where our social, working and personal lives are conducted more and more over the phone, hefty phone bills are an unfortunate reality. This needn’t be the case however, as there are countless ways in which the average phone user can substantially cut down their monthly bills without infringing on the amount they use their phone.

Sky high bills are particularly prevalent amongst the mobile phone community. For individuals on a ‘pay as you go’ style tariff that involves manual credit top-ups to be made in order to use the phone, switching to a competitive ‘pay monthly’ package may prove much more economical. People who top-up their phone with £20, for example, will find that a ‘pay monthly’ package not only offers them their standard £20′s worth of calls but also added extras like a free handset, extra minutes and free text messages that all take detract from their original bill.

For individuals who are already on a ‘pay monthly’ contract, hefty phone bills aren’t unheard of either as callers exceed the number of free minutes in their phone package and start paying per minute or text. Thinking carefully about the way in which you use your mobile is the first step to reducing your phone bill. Ensuring you are on a network that compliments how you use your phone is important and will allow you to be switched on to better deals. If you discover most of your calls are to a particular network why not investigate a contract that offers free calls to this network at all times of day?

Expensive phone bills aren’t solely reserved to mobile users however as home phones can just as easily run up substantial debts. Making international calls in particular is a gripe with phone users who are eager to speak to friends and family studying, working and travelling abroad. “”>Cheap international calls aren’t a creature of myth however as many websites now offer access codes that heavily discount the cost of calling abroad from UK landlines. With calls to places like Bangladesh, Canada and Australia all starting at 2p a minute, the cost of making international calls becomes just as cheap as calling a local number.

Finally, home owners eager to save money on their landline bills can also look into getting free minutes similar to mobile users. Signing up to packages that offer free weekend and evening calls can put a noticeable dent into bills that were once unaffordable. Some packages also offer free calls to numbers you dial on a regular basis so making a plan of how you use your home phone will allow you to assess the best deal for you.

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Harvey is an expert in personal finance and telecommunications.

Home Insurance Comparison

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Millions of homeowners in this country have not reviewed their policy since they first bought their home, and many of these have never thought about it since it is often times bundled into the mortgage bill. If you are one of the few who stay abreast of changing times, you will know that home insurance comparison is a mandatory exercise to find the cheapest home insurance in today’s market.

Since the popularity of home computers and the internet have blossomed in recent years, it has become easy for the money-savvy homeowners to get insurance price quotes online from an insurance broker, who will do the insurance shopping for you. Instead of visiting many different websites and filling out your house information over and over, you only have to do it once, and let the broker shop for the cheapest homeowners rate from the major carriers who provide insurance quotes for them.

The best part of the equation is that the service is free, and information is entered on a secure server to safeguard your privacy. Once you have filled out the online form, deciding what level of deductible, liability, and contents to insure, your home insurance quotes are emailed to you, with contact details for agents in your area you may want to discuss insurance particulars with.

If you are looking to lower your premiums, remember that the higher deductible you can afford, the cheaper your insurance rate will be. It is the single most important factor that determines your home insurance rates. You can also decrease the amount of liability and contents insurance you want to carry, both factors that can decrease your premiums.

It is smart to compare house insurance rates every year or two. Insurance companies change their rate algorithms depending on their profit and loss statement for each division in the company yearly, and rates can change year-to-year. So if you have not shopped around lately to find the cheapest home insurance, visit and compare house insurance rates. You may well be delighted to find out how much money you can save compared to your present policy. You can use the free service as many times as you like, to see the difference in rates for different levels of deductible, liability, and contents insurance. Simply select your insurance type, enter your zip code in the appropriate quote box, and click “start”. It could very well be the best financial decision you make this year.

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Retired Insurance Executive now running an insurance broker website,, which is dedicated to helping people find the cheapest insurance rates for their budget and needs.

Bob Iaccinos Private Trading Room Forex Signals Service Review Part A

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Bob Iaccino’s Private Trading Room Forex Signal Service Review Part A


Well it’s no Secret that the forex Industry has it share hustlers trying to sell you junk . They pop up from out of the blue with no track record and very basic knowledge about currency trading, and they try and unload some garbage software or course on you.


If your a newbie to Forex you might fall for the sales patter . Of course even some traders who have a bit of trading experience can get tricked too


So It’s not only essential to study the software or course being sold, you have to look at who created it . The experience and reputation can tell you a lot , and it should be the main factor in whether you purchase the product or service .

Well it just so happens we have discover a man with a great reputation , with a long track record of creating success high quality products that make money for those smart enough to join.

Bob Iaccino a trader with over 17 years of Experience has released another sure fire winner Trader Swiper Forex Signal Service . You may have seen Bob on TV on CNBC, Fox Biz News and countless others , giving His expert advice on trading. Yes the guy is the real deal with a reputation you can take to the bank. So Now that we have looked at the man let take a look at his new system.


What is the Trader Swiper Forex Signal Service Service?


The Trader Swiper Forex Signal Service in essence a new revolutionary type of Forex product that is like no other. Unlike the other Forex products, Trader Swiper is making people money.

Since this new product comes from Bob Iaccino who lives an breaths forex trading . Trader Swiper Forex Service offers you the best that a Forex trading course can offer.The Trader Swiper is essentially a trading tool created by Bob’s students in his private online trading room. Since this trading tool has been tested in real live money trading, results are real as well. Amazingly, Trader Swiper Forex Signal Service has made traders happy. This only means one thing-it works. As such, it is not surprising why many traders are already excited about this new product.

Moreover, Bob Iaccino is a well known Forex trader and his Forex systems have been earning money for many years. His the Trader Swipe service will definitely be earning money as well.


Bob Iaccino Forex Signal Service


Or If you would like to read the review on Bob Iaccino‘s Trader Swiper Forex Signal Service in full why not head over to our review page


Trader Swiper Forex Signal Review


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If your tired of buying one lame duck system after another it time you invested your money in a Trusted reliably and profitable forex system , click the link below to read the full review of Bob Inaccino’s Trader Swiper .

Bob Iaccinos Trader Swiper Review