How to invest in Mutual Funds for 2010

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The news media seems to be cautiously mentioning green shoots sprouting for the economy, with their descriptions of the rates of unemployment slowing down seemingly good news.

Problem is, unemployment is still increasing even though the rates are slowing down. If you have no salary, would you still be putting money into your stock portfolio?

In the current market situation, most would be happy to be able to salvage something out of their stocks portfolio. Many others have lost the shirts off their backs.

But like what Warren Buffett says, it is when others are fearful, it is time for you to get greedy. Prices for many stocks and mutual funds are at its lowest and you know the most basic adage of all, “buy low sell high”.

You can go for mutual funds which provide a steady flow of income, even if the value of the stocks themselves have fallen. The cash from these investments come from either dividends or interest payments.

Be wary of mutual funds charging more than 1% in management fees though. That would be taking away too much of your potential profits.

When investing in mutual funds, remember that you are investing for the long term. As the main feature of such funds is in diversification, you can rest assured that even if one or some of the stocks fail, the rest of the portfolio is still safe.

You may also want to consider stocks in the commodities and other essentials like water. Water is such a precious resource that most of the water technology companies, like Hyflux, will have plenty of business to come, especially in all the dry regions of the world.

Green technology could also be a good bet as the world is slowly coming to the fact that our resources are finite and a way must be found to recycle our resources.

With all the money printing by the central banks of the world, especially the Fed, it would also be good to put some money into precious metals such as gold and silver.

As you may know, gold and silver prices have been rising steadily of the years and they make great investments which can capitalize on the weakness of the greenback.

Other commodities also have great potential, especially as everyone needs to eat. With the growing middle class in places such as China, their appetite for good food would increase and causing the prices of staples such as sugar to rise.

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This Trading Formula shouldn’t work, but

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Subject: This trading formula shouldn’t work, but

By now most people know I’m not easily impressed… and
generally very skeptical about “so called” new “secrets”
and “magical formulas” etc…

It’s true – You can absolutely grow your income and improve gains by
getting more skilled and learning more about the business…

I’m just saying that I don’t put much stock in supposed
“secret discoveries” that are supposed to turn the world on
its head.

So at first, as you can imagine, I completely ignored rumors
about this ivy league statistics genius who’d come up with a formula to
identify undervalued stocks AND predict when they’d move.

After all… that’s pretty much the “Holy Grail” of trading

With that kind of information you can dramatically increase
your returns and reduce the risk of losing your cash – I
assure you MANY well resourced companies and investors have
been trying to figure that out since… well… as long
as companies have been sold publicly.

So a kid…?

All skepticism aside his numbers seem to speak for
themselves and the early rumors are now backed by traders
who’ve since followed his system and seen their own dramatic

I don’t know “everything” as my wife would have you believe
(sarcasm implied) but I do know a lot. This is still
hard for me to believe but I guess, for now, the “proof is
in the pudding” and I need to take a closer look.

If you’re interested in making more money with low-risk
investments… whether you’re a seasoned trader, looking
for additional income, whatever…

…you should probably check this out too.


BTW… it looks like he’ll be showing a limited number
of people how this works soon but I’m not sure how long that will last.

I might tune in for the training too.

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House Insurance Quote

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Whether you are a home owner or are renting the home you live in, house insurance should be considered a necessity rather than a luxury. Although it may seem like an expense that you may not feel you can afford, it can prove to be an immense money saver in the long run. The key is to make sure you are getting the best value for your money.

It is always best to get more than one house insurance quote so you can compare prices and policies. Since there is no one standard house insurance policy, it’s a good idea to decide what type of coverage you require. If you are renting then content insurance for the possessions in your home as well as personal liability insurance may be all that you need. Before you begin getting insurance quotes, it is recommended that you go through your home room by room and make a list of all your belongings making sure to include any items you may have in a garage or outdoor shed.

Placing a monetary value on all the items on your list is the next step in the process. Although getting replacement value rather than market value with your house insurance may cost slightly more it can end up saving you hundreds or thousands of dollars at a time when you can least afford extra expenditures. With market value the insurance company will only pay you the amount that the item is worth at the time of your claim. If for example you purchased a new bedroom set 10 years ago for $5,000 it would certainly be worth considerably less if your were to sell it today. If however you have chosen replacement value, the insurance company would have to pay you the cost of replacing your bedroom set with a brand new comparable one, minus whatever your deductable amount is.

The deductable amount on your contents insurance policy is where you may be able to lower your insurance premiums. In most cases, the higher your deductable amount is the more savings you will realize on your policy. It is also an area where you should use some caution before deciding on what to set your deductable amount to. This dollar figure will be what is required by you to pay upfront before your house insurance company will reimburse you for any claim. So, although setting this amount at $1,000 may save on your monthly premiums you need to make sure that you will be able to afford to pay it at the time of a claim.

You next step is to get as many house insurance quotes as possible which you can do quickly and easily by visiting one or more house insurance quote search engines right on your computer. By simply answering a few basic questions about your house insurance needs you can almost immediately receive a house insurance quote from several insurance companies and insurance brokers. Once you have narrowed down your search to several that look promising, it is recommended that you speak directly to an insurance agent who can give you more detailed information on the types of policies and payment plans they have that match your needs. When speaking to agents who have given you a house insurance quote make sure to discuss a personal liability option. If anyone visiting your home has an accident and sustains some type of injury, it could result in a large personal injury lawsuit. It is important to be financially protected in such a case.

Take a little time to do some initial research by getting more than one house insurance quote and speaking to several insurance agents. House insurance is an expense that could mean the difference between being financially devastated and being able to recover from such unexpected things like fire or burglary.

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Canceling your credit card is not always bad!

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Financial experts usually advise against canceling your credit card. They show you the fears of adverse remarks on your credit report and reduced credits scores. However, you cannot promise a lifetime relationship with all your credit cards!
You are attached to credit cards from an early age. You may have a bundle of good and bad experiences while using them. Financial gurus advise to maintain a good relationship with them and advise you not to cancel them even though you don’t use them. However there are some compelling situations when you have to take this hard decision. Here are some of them -

1. When your rewards start shrinking – In this period of economic downturn, the card issuers also feel the pinch. In an effort to maintain profits, they play with the rewards. Sometimes they will reduce the points which you will get on your spending; sometimes they will increase the rates of redemption.

Generally such changes will take place after they send you some intimation in advance. In this situation, it is advisable to redeem maximum available points and request them to cancel credit card. You can go for some other credit card offering better rewards.

2. If the customer service standards are falling – In their credit crunch, credit card companies will outsource most of their work. You may be speaking every time with someone who is not a properly trained representative. Sometimes such representatives may not initiate prompt actions on your requests. They may not be able to waive some of your fees which you feel are unreasonable.

You should always get the prompt and courteous customer service. If you repeatedly experience poor service, it is better to say goodbye to such credit card company.

3. High annual fees on unused cards – On the basis of lucrative offers, you might have accepted a credit card. The rewards may be fading out in the course of time and you may have stopped using such card. However the annual fees may continue to appear on your statements.

If this is the situation, you can contact the card issuer and request for a waiver or reduction in the annual fee. If the response is negative, you may get rid of such card.

4. Clipping your credit card limits – For no apparent reason, your card issuer may reduce your available credit. Perhaps it may be due to the overall credit crunch; perhaps it may be due to the fact that they don’t trust you. Sometimes, they reduce the limits in order to charge you more on your spending over the limit.

If you are using regularly half of your available credit and making prompt payments, there is no reason for your card issuer to curtail your limits. If they do so, you can go ahead and cancel the card to find some other card issuer who will trust you.

5. If the card issuer is encouraging you to cancel the card – Believe it or not, this has happened recently. One credit card company sent letters to some of its customers offering them cash reward if they pay off the balance entirely. This was apparently a move to get rid of some customers. If you receive such offer, you should promptly take it.

The relationship between you and your card issuers is mutual. If you are prompt in your payments, they need to trust you. They should value your business. If they start playing with you some cheap tricks, you can always find someone better.

You are happy to get a credit card on the basis of a lucrative offer. But then credit cards eventually fade out. Their service falls, their rewards are reduced and your available credit is curtailed. How to handle such humiliating situations? Chintamani Abhyankar offers some straightforward advice.

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Chintamani Abhyankar, is an expert in the field of finance and taxation for last 25 years. He has written many books explaining inside secrets of the magic world of finance. His famous eBook Stop donating your money to IRS which is now running in its second edition, provides intricate knowledge and tips on personal income tax.

It is a must, and it is wise

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It is a “must,” and it is wise, for governments to give their major cities the financial

support to help them thrive, and to help preserve a nation’s cultural traditions, which,

although generated in past centuries in the villages, can now be best preserved by and

in major cities.

A nation’s cultural traditions “exist” only as a result of being contrasted to. Namely,

we are aware of our own cultural traditions because we have learned about and are

reminded of other cultural traditions. This can be done only in the “major cities,”

however. In the widely scattered villages, on the contrary, a nation’s cultural

traditions can be things unaware of, or simply be ignored, due to the lack of such

contrast. It follows that a nation’s cultural traditions exist primarily in major

cities, and it is primarily in cities that a nation’s cultural traditions should be


Like always, the first question is money: From whom can money be collected for the

preservation? From citizens of major cities, who yearly spend large sums of money

visiting ancient palaces, museums, and great temples, going to theaters to watch

national operas, and attending concerts to enjoy national music, which represent a

nation’s cultural traditions. With this money, the major cities will be able to have

their ancient palaces and temples maintained and repaired, and to support national

operas and music when their audiences decline, so that they will go on representing a

nation’s cultural traditions.

In economically hard times, however, these citizens won’t visit these places, nor will

they go to theaters and concerts. In modern times, city citizens can afford to do these

only when their cities are “thriving,” because it is when their cities are prosperous

that the citizens will have, and be able to keep, their precious jobs, and earn good

wages on them. Then, it is only too natural that governments ” must ensure that their

major cities receive the financial support they need in order to thrive. “

And it’s extremely worthwhile for the governments to do so because, when citizens are

rich enough, they will not be satisfied with visiting culturally interesting places in

their own cities, but will go to other such places all over the country. Nowadays, as a

result of the fact that millions upon millions of well-off city people are spending

generously on their visits to these places, a great, new industry, ” tourism,” has been

thriving and greatly contributing to the revenues of governments. In some countries,

this contribution is just “considerable. ” In many others, it constitutes the major part

of the national revenue. Indeed, governments have got in many times as much money as

they give to major cities in the form of “financial support” to help them thrive.

More importantly, with the thriving of tourism, we city people arrive at remote

villages, bringing along with us our children and parents, sometimes accompanied by

foreigners, as long as there is anything that is culturally significant in those places.

There we listen to folk songs, watch folk dances, and eat whatever novel things those

folks eat. We have some of the songs recorded, and sell them all over the country, with

some reaching many other countries. We have the nicest of the folk dancers televised,

and have them TV showed. And we give talks and write books about things and people we

come across there, all because they are part of a nation’s cultural traditions. In fact,

never before have culturally interesting places been so hotly visited and talked about,

and never before have they received so much money directly from tourists and indirectly

from governments – and been so efficiently preserved.

Can a government do anything wiser?

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“must,” and it is wise, for governments to give their major cities the financial support

to help them thrive, and to help preserve a nation’s cultural traditionshref=””>surprise for you

Get Your Finances Stabilized With the Free Government Money

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Every year the government of the United States of America sets aside millions of dollars to be utilized as grant money. The masses undergoing a financial crisis are helped with the grant money. This is not distributed to the people randomly, but is given to those who apply for it.

What is unique in about these grants is that they are not to be repaid. Also, no security checks and income verification is done before granting the free money. It requires no co-signer or collateral, so in short the application process is quiet easy.

These grants cater for the well-being of people from diverse backgrounds. Thus, there is a different sort of grant for people of different lifestyles. Teachers, students house wives, businesses, organizations; they all have a unique grant to fulfill their needs. There are housing grants, grants that pay your energy or educational bills, or those, which help you in setting up a new business.

To obtain these grants, one has to do a bit of self-search. This is because they are not advertised. There are many websites dealing but you are advised to visit the a genuine website so you may get the latest and accurate information on these grants

Once you find the relevant grant, apply for it attaching all the asked documents. Mail it in and if you are selected, you may receive a check in your mailbox within a week. Make sure you use the grant for the purpose you have already stated. This is because you can apply for multiple grants at the same time, and even reapply after receiving one. Therefore, if you are caught deceiving the agencies, you might never be considered for a grant ever again.

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5 Wealth-Building Millionaire Secrets You Didn’t Know You Knew

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Do you daydream of becoming a millionaire? Of course you do, its everyone’s ultimate fantasy. Some people spend hundreds of dollars on lottery tickets while others climb the corporate ladder with hopes of one day becoming a millionaire. Winning the lottery may not be realistic but becoming a millionaire is NOT impossible, it can be accomplished if you think long term.

In fact, you might already be doing some of the things that it takes to make your dream of joining the millionaire club come true – without even knowing it. How do regular, working-class people become millionaires?

Here are five surprisingly simple, wealth-building secrets of self-made millionaires that you didn’t know you knew:

1. Spend less than you earn – Pretty obvious right? Like anyone with good sense you’re probably doing this already. However, it’s not enough, the key here is to spend significantly less money than you bring in so you can save and invest as much as possible. To do this you have to find ways to maximize your earnings while keeping your spending at a minimum.

2. Forget about the Jones’ – People with millions in the bank didn’t get their by keeping up with the Jones’. You have to decide if its more important to have lots of money or just look like you do. Expensive and extravagant purchases do nothing more than impede your progress to building wealth.

3. Develop multiple income streams – You could be very smart with your money and make all the right decisions financially but relying solely on the income from your day job to build wealth might not be enough. You need to develop other streams of income. There are countless ways to do this but some examples include, investing in income properties or starting a web-based business or revenue generating website.

4. Pay yourself first – If you’ve read any of David Bach’s books you understand the value and importance of paying yourself first. The premise behind this is that you make yourself you top financial priority (as you should be) and pay yourself before paying any of your other bills. You do this by authorizing your bank to transfer money from your pay into a savings account. Ultimately this money should be used for investing.

5. Invest your money wisely – Investing wisely is essential, the right investments can make you rich the wrong ones can cause you to lose it all. That’s why its so important to get the right advice, you’ll definitely want to get help from a certified investment advisor to develop the right investment strategy and portfolio for you.

How well you live by and adhere to the first four secrets will tip the odds even further in your favor by maximizing the amount of money you can invest.

How successful you are as an investor is largely dictated by market conditions and things beyond your control. However, the things you do control such as the amount of money you invest, when you invest, the investments you choose and who you invest with all have direct impact on your success as an investor – so choose wisely and your dream of becoming a millionaire may soon come to fruition.

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Earn Extra Cash with Blogging

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These days it seems like the internet has all but disappeared and has been replaced with blog after blog on a myriad of topics. Some of these blogs are personal pages that document everything from one’s family get togethers to a person’s passion for raising pygmy goats. The other side of the coin is made up of commercial blogs that are specifically designed to make money through advertising. These blogs can be quite lucrative and best of all can be started by anyone with basic writing skills and a passion for a subject.

The first step to making a lucrative blog is to get people to visit it. The more visitors, the more the blog will be worth to advertisers and therefore the more money you can charge for ad space. To get people to visit your site, you need to offer good content. The more informative a blog is to readers, the more hits you will generate.

A good starting method for advertising is to enlist the services of pay per click systems such as Google Adsense. Individual advertisers may not be ready to shell out money until you build up a substantial reader base, but in the meantime you can begin earning using these services. Every time a visitor to your blog clicks a link, you earn revenue. This can range from a fraction a cent to several cents per click, depending on the link.

A lot of companies will pay you a portion from the sale of their products. You promote their products on your site and each person that you refer from your site to the company who buys the product will earn you money. Often these commissions can be quite substantial.

If you have a site that is particularly useful to people, there is nothing wrong with asking them to contribute money to keep it up and running. Many users are happy to donate $5 to a site they use frequently. A site that has several thousands of visitors each day can quickly translate into big money.

If you are a provider of other services, a blog is a great way to promote them. Though the blog doesn’t necessarily earn you money directly, the increase in business that it generates makes it worth the effort. Many professionals such as lawyers use this method to attract customers.

The internet is a cash cow for people who know how to take advantage of the opportunities. Blogging is currently one of the best ways to make cash and is easily accessible to everyone. Even if you don’t think anyone would want to read what you have to say, try it. You may be surprised with a nice little check.

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Online stock brokers India is an innovative way of trading

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Online stock brokers India is an innovative way of trading. First people used to go and meet the stock brokers physically if they wanted to purchase some shares. This used to take up a lot of time and energy. And also meeting the stock broker would be difficult. But many people are opting for online stock broking.

Stocks broking India who works online makes trading fast. One can take any advice one wants online. Once you are a member of the site you can easily see all the information about a particular share, security or a commodity. It does not even take time and you don’t have to meet anyone physically.It also makes it enjoyable since it is simple.

They works online provides a lot of online facilities. Basically the stock brokers are the banks who provide online services which are efficient and are provided at competitive rates. One can easily pay online and there is complete security for that. One can easily know the opening and closing dates of the availability of shares. Hence one can buy the shares at right time and sell it off when it is advised online.

Online Stocks brokers India helps the amateurs. There is a lot of information available on the website one needs. Accessing this information becomes very simple. One does not need to switch on the television every time and see how the stock market is faring. The entire information of the day’s update is available on the website. People who know nothing about stock broking can learn about it online.

Stocks brokers India who provides online services helps people in trading. People who always want to trade and have no time to go and meet, they can avail these services and benefit from them. They can buy, sell, and view the cost of shares online. It can be quite lucrative and money spinning, once you understand the fundamentals of stock broking.

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Found your dream home? Time to look at house insurance

18 October, 2014 (15:43) | personal finance investment | By: admin

This article is based on my research and does not constitute financial advice. I have included links to as I feel they may be helpful to the reader for general information purposes only.

There are many challenges first-time buyers face when getting their foot on the property ladder, but securing a house insurance policy need not be one of these – particularly with all the facilities available that are designed to help. Heading online to compare home insurance options can be one savvy move, but surfers may first need to equip themselves in advance with a little knowledge.

One initial obstacle you might face as a consumer in the market for a new home is what mortgage option to go for, so an understanding of phrases like fixed rate, tracker and standard variable will be essential moving forward. When it comes to searching out your dream property itself, you will also come up against all kinds of terminology from gazumping to HIPs. In these cases it’s likely you’ll soon be schooled in a language you knew may have known nothing of beforehand – but is this the case when it comes to ensuring your final purchase is protected?

Well, initially you might be wondering if arranging cover is absolutely necessary, but thinking about things logically should provide you with an answer. Your first home will be one of the biggest and possibly most important purchases you ever make, and although you may not live in the same building for the rest of your life, protecting your investment should be second nature. By opting for a good house insurance policy, you may be able to ensure you’re not facing debilitating bills at a later stage. This is because a plan can be selected that would help you cover the costs of rebuilding your property should a fire or spell of extreme weather conditions cause serious damage.

Of course, this is the type of cover you would expect to find in any good buildings insurance package. But you may find a joint plan that also takes home contents into consideration is more appropriate for your needs. Once you have moved into your property, the next expense can be filling it with things you need, and whether these are electrical items, furnishings or fixtures, you will need to make fully sure you are not forced to start again from scratch with no financial help should something unforeseen occur.

With all this in mind, it is clear that once you have selected the right mortgage and property, one of the next steps should be either buildings or home contents insurance – and you might find that opting for both gives you the most peace of mind as you make your first abode your own.

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Noel Mellor is a writer, editor and podcaster from Manchester, England. Having produced and revised copy for a number of major financial institutions, he is highly experienced across a range of economic matters. Noel’s money saving tips are especially focused around fixed rate ISAs and to find the best savings accounts