Importance of Choosing an Appropriate Will Executor

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A Will executor refers to a person responsible for settling a decedent’s estate. This individual can be a spouse, relative, friend, probate lawyer, or estate planning professional. Careful consideration should be given as this person is required to act as the estate fiduciary and may need to become a mediator if family discord exists.

The term ‘Will executor’ is interchangeable with other titles including: estate administrator, estate executor, personal representative, and estate agent. Regardless of the title, the person in charge is responsible for multiple duties that often require help from a probate attorney.

Individuals charged with estate settlement duties are compensated for their efforts. Compensation is governed under state probate law and can be paid as a percentage of appraised estate value; flat fee; or hourly wage.

The type of settlement procedures depend on the type of inheritance property and estate planning procedures taken prior to death. Probate commences once the decedent’s last will or death certificate is filed through court.

Will executors are appointed within the last will. If a person dies without a Will a personal representative is appointed through court. At minimum, estate settlement duties encompass securing owned assets; obtaining appraisals for valuable property; contacting creditors and paying outstanding debts; and managing distribution of inheritance gifts to named beneficiaries.

When inheritance property is protected by a trust it is exempt from the probate process. Will executor duties are typically not as robust as settling probated estates. Assets can be distributed to rightful heirs within a short period of time and estates settled within a month or two.

With probate, property cannot be distributed until all other facets of estate settlement are completed. When decedents have insufficient funds to pay outstanding debts the will executor may have to hire a lawyer to enter into creditor negotiations. It is not uncommon for the presiding judge to order assets sold to pay off debts. This is often the case when real estate is secured by a mortgage loan.

It is strongly recommended to talk to the person chosen as a personal representative before naming them within the Will. Overseeing estate settlement can be a time-consuming and emotional task.

The person you feel is most appropriate for the job may be unwilling to assume the duties. Designated executors can request to be dismissed from duties. When this occurs, probate is prolonged until a new personal representative is chosen and confirmed through the court.

Probate law dictates that will executors are at least 18 years old and never convicted of a felony crime. It is best to select someone who is capable of working under stress; able to make smart decisions under pressure; detail-oriented; and good with finances.

Unfortunately, death sometimes brings out the worst in people. If family discord existed prior to death it is often amplified during probate. It is not uncommon for family feuds to erupt over a family heirloom or cherished piece of art or jewelry. If disputes escalate the will executor may need to hire a lawyer to act as a mediator to prevent heirs from contesting the Will and further prolong estate settlement.

Engaging in estate planning can minimize family disputes and expedite the probate process. Individuals who believe problems will present can appoint a lawyer or estate planner as the will executor. This action can minimize the risk of having the Will contested.

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Money Management: Developing a Good Practice with the Guidance of a Financial Advisor

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Are you looking for a financial advisor who will help you be able to have a better hold of your money? If so, it is best that you use the internet to help you locate such individual. But because there are a number of professionals who work as a money management advisor, it is easy to get confused with whom to trust and employ.

For this reason, a number of people make do without this individual. Instead, they use their own understanding and instinct to decide for their money. Sadly, a majority of them tend to lose their money. This is because they make uneducated financial decisions that can only leave them bankrupt or indebted. If you don’t want to be like them, it is important you know how to look for the right financial advisor. But how do you do this?

Let’s face it. If you will look for an individual who will help you obtain a good practice on money management through the internet, you will attract a lot of people. But out of that number, there will only be a few who are credible for this. Not to mention, anyone can claim they are a financial advisor because they posted it on their advertisement.

For this, you have to check the educational background of the person you are thinking about hiring. Check to see if he has the required qualifications to classify him as a financial advisor. Because an advisor is an expert at his field, it is important that he knows what he is talking about as well as what to do when things don’t go his way. In addition to having the necessary education for this career, he must have enough experience to operate business either on his own or as part of a company.

Although there are several reasons why you would need an expert’s advice on how you can have a good practice on money management, you will need to assess if you really need one. If you see that there are some short themed targets or goals that you can fix or achieve on your own, you can make do without a financial advisor. There are a number of people who tend to become dependent on their advisor. Because of this, they end up financially unstable when they let go of this expert. Think things thoroughly so you can figure out if you really need help in this field.

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Are Cash Back Credit Cards Profitable?

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I find the concept of a cash back credit card quite exciting. Who would not like to spend a certain amount of money, say hundred dollars, and then at the end of the billing cycle amount before those monies argue, get some of that money back? Cash back could be as low as 1% or less. I have also seen cash backs as high as 10, 12, and 15%.

What exactly is cash back? And what is a cash back card? Usually what happens is that when you purchase something and pay for it by a card, the merchant shares a small commission with the card issuers and the companies that clear card payments. Sometimes these card issuers have a special deal going on with one merchant or the other, to promote that specific merchant, and as a result if you use that specific card on the swipe machine issued by that merchant, in that retail outlet, you are eligible for a cash back. This cash back is in effect a discount, but the discount is not offered to you at the time of purchase. Instead you avail of this discount in your billing statement, your card billing statement.

Cashback cards, or cashback offers, have become exceedingly popular amongst card users. Think of it this way cash back is another form of a card reward area did but instead of getting knickknacks as card rewards him a you can today actually get some hard cash back. Isn’t that far more exciting ocean mud I for one, would definitely like to get cashback rather than get some, not so useful, reward for having used the credit card.

What do you think? If you were offered a certain amount of “points” in exchange of your purchases, would that excite you more than actually getting some cashback on the expenses you just made? Sure one wants to feel rewarded. Sure one wants to amassed these reward points and then go ahead and get a nice little gift for oneself. But no gift can really match the benefit of getting cashback right?

If you think like I do, you too will enjoy these cashback cards. But there is a risk of going overboard. There is a risk that one might get so enamored and excited and jubiliant about these cashback cards that one might actually get encouraged to spend a little extra money to be able to maximize the advantage of the cash back offer, for example on the ANZ Debit Card Visa.

This is where things get stupid. Spending $100 more, so that you can get cashback offer dollar two is probably the most insane thing that I have ever heard of. And surely you would not want to be classified as insane in my eyes, right? On a related note, always compare credit card offers, e.g., Compare Citibank Credit Card Offers.

Like with all other things associated with cards, I would strongly recommend that you use cards sparingly and responsibly. Like with reward points and low interest rates and balance transfers, even in the case of cashback cards or cashback promotional offers, you need to be really really sure that you want to go ahead and get that deal. You need to be sure that you want to get that offer. Only then should you make a purchase.

After all, a credit card is a tool. And like every other tool it will make sense only if you use it properly.

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How to Pay For School Without Getting Into a Lot of Debt

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Most people think they have no alternative but to go into serious debt in other to have a college education. Most start out their working life with student loan debt well into five figures and the increasing cost of college is not helping matters. But the fact is, there are actually several ways of getting a college education without going into debt. The following are ways to have a debt free college education.

Scholarships and grants
Scholarships are not just for students with exceptional performance in high school. Though doing well is the most common way of getting a scholarship, other scholarships are offered based on field of study, minority status or even disability. There are all kinds of scholarships being offered by academic institutions, corporate or charity organizations and religious bodies. Use the internet to find scholarships. You don’t have to pay anyone to help you get a scholarship. There are several organizations with free money waiting for you to cover your college fees. A grant is the usually the name given to scholarships that are from the government.

Money Making Information!

The military can pay for your college degree if you are interested in working for them. If you use this method, you have to spend a few years of your life working for the military and serving the country in return after getting your degree. The disadvantage of this option is that it will hinder your career plans. But it is a good deal for people that admire the military.

If the other options don’t work for you then you have to work for your college degree. There are different ways to work and school and still come out with good grades. Get the best job possible. Don’t just settle for the first one you find. You might consider developing a special skill that can increase your employment opportunities. I know a college student who taught himself animation and makes money doing freelance work for animation studios. You can work nights, weekends and summers. You also have the choice of taking up full time employment and go to school part-time.

Shorten your stay in college
You can reduce the numbers of years of college education thereby spending less money.
Take college level exams. College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) exams are an easy way to reduce your college work load. Another way is to take up more workload in college. By taking one or two extra classes each semester, you can actually finish college in three years.

For more ways to live debt free check out the link below
Debt Information Center the internet’s No.1 center for free information on debt management and consolidation.

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How Easy is it to Import Data Into Metastock?

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The greatest investment software that helps a lot of serious traders is the Metastock. I have been personally using this stock market software until now and I was at first overwhelmed of its power and flexibility. Today we’ll take a look at how easy it is to import data into Metastock.

There are a lot of options for importing Metastock data with the whole lot of websites that offer free data that even if I don’t recommend the use of free data it is still available for the beginners. It is significant that you use clean, adjusted, and accurate data when accessing and downloading data. Keep in mind that you are to make trading decisions with hard earned cash so make sure that your data is clean and highly accurate.

It’s easy to import data into Metastock and a lot of programs now possess a small program that lets you open up and allows you to click just a button for importing all your data. I personally use a program named Premium Data created by Nortgate Investment services whose owner is a mechanical systems trader who relies heavily on the accuracy of his data.

At the click of a button

So basically what you need is merely to configure the Metastock data program for it to point out the proper folder, log in with the username and password and to click Download. The program will do the rest of the job as it imports data into the proper folder and in a matter of minutes you’re all set.

You’ll think it unwise if you go somewhere else as clean and accurate data is now made available at an affordable rate. You’ll discover that its easy to import a wide range of Metastock data from many different exchanges around the globe such as US, UK, and Australia commodities and Forex data.

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How to save money with coupons

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Have you ever thought of the kind of excitement you would have when you walk out of a grocery with thousands of dollars’ worth of items at only a retail cost. I know most men and women out there will go crazy about it however most of us are resilient or we just don’t have the time and energy to devote ourselves to the habit of clipping coupons. Nevertheless this is a good way of saving money as you can save up to 40 % of your expenses in a month. Getting the best deal of coupons requires you to follow some simple set of instructions.
You will have to get information on the recent coupons in the market, always make sure you get the information from a reliable source check the newspapers as they publish the best deals of coupons or dive you details of where you can get the best coupons. Start by having coupon for yourself if you want to enjoy shopping while making a saving out of it. Keep you coupons in a place you will easily remember before you go shopping, you can try keeping them near your wallet or even where you keep your car keys.
The most important thing for you to do is to organize yourself in such a way that you keep a list of the products you need, this will make it easy for you when it comes to choosing the coupons. You should only keep coupons of the products you are in need of; don’t keep unnecessary coupons as they will lead to impulse buying.
Most companies structure their discount coupons in such a way that you will benefit more if you buy many items from the company. Though this may not apply to some products like farm produce or dairy products make sure you by goods in bulk so that you benefit more from the coupons. You can buy the goods in bulk and keep them for future use only if they are durable.
Find out if your grocery stores offers double or match coupons, if they offer then take advantage of the matching coupon. Avoid stores that don’t have double coupons, it is better to drive to the next store even if it is quite a distant and save some cash rather than getting a coupon with little benefit.
You should also be acquainted with the prices of the products there is a big margin between the prices of generic products and original products. Original products usually carry the brand name and are usually expensive compared to the generic products.
To keep track of the latest coupons follow the link to get you a printable copy of coupons.
If you drink coffee most of the time then use coupons when buying coffee and you will get coffee at an almost free price enabling you save some cash. You can get the latest coffee coupons by following the link: .

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Make a Killing Investing Penny Stocks With The Anomaly System!

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This article is about the penny stock anomaly system which is a mathematical formula created by James Connelly, a college student from Stanford University majoring in Math. Throughout his time as an undergraduate student his major focus was on developing technical analytical methods to predict and observe stock and share price movements.

The theory is based around the variables that were consistent across nineteen of twenty researched shares that all demonstrated upbeat growth trading patterns over the timespan of one year. Then at a later time it was combined with a pre-existing hypothesis in order to develop the formulation into a frequently used trading system.

Connelly’s most important finding was that the ratio of the four variables in query had virtually identical characteristics. The exact likelihood that the ratio being a straightforward coincidence is calculated to be 1/1,750,000,000. This is how it became known as a “anomaly” formula.

The development of Connelly’s anomaly formulation into a “system” arrived at a later date after guidance from his mathematics professors. Connelly presented the previous formulation he had developed to the already existing Psychological Support Level hypothesis. This way he was able to develop an algorithm that can be used to distinguish undervalued shares which can be profited from. Notable investor Warren Buffet has long been a believer in psychological investigation when investing in stocks and shares.

The program is most efficient for detecting undervalued stocks around 24-48 hours before they express a tendency to increase in price, thus it is predominantly popular among short term and day traders. These traders tend to use the technique on lower valued, or colloquially known “penny stock” shares and stocks as the technique can be used to create bigger percentile gains than through more popular shares that tend to rise and fall less.

James Connelly speedily realized that not only could he produce substantial gains for himself by means of his patented method but that the system itself would be worth a substantial amount. Thus, he soon put about selling the algorithm to private and corporate traders worldwide. Now the algorithm is regularly used by numerous successful traders as a primary base for small cap share judgements.

The profitable system is available from Connelly directly, just Click Here

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High ROI With The Structured Settlement Investment

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Have you ever planned to get a high ROI with a structured settlement investment? It can be a big surprise, that this product really can compete with other investment instruments and even beat them. Go on and read why.

The structured settlement investment means, that a buyer will buy a program or a plan, which gives him regular periodic income for a certain agreed time. The future profits from the structured settlement investment comes from 3 elements, the purchase price, the difference with the interest rate and the taxation.

1. The Seller Needs An Acceptance From The Court.

Originally most settlements are the results of the court decisions. They are paid as the compensations of the injuries with an idea to guarantee the financial future of the recipient. When the settlement investment is as a petition the court will investigate the needs of the seller. The court will also check the reputation of the buyer. No hidden costs are accepted.

2. The Need Of A Seller.

One important element of the profitability is the purchase price. If the seller is in a hurry and he honestly has an urgent need of the money, this can influence a lot on the selling price. A buyer can try to reduce the price by offering a cash payment.

3. The Phase Of The Economy.

If the financial situation of the seller has a big influence on the selling price, the general economic situation will also influence strongly on the prices. The structured settlement investment is a product, which gets the price on the market.

When the economy is in a recession, it will dramatically reduce the prices, because the future profit possibilities are lower. The buyer makes it wise, if he can wait for the correct time, because the purchase price is one of the strongest profit builder.

4. Where Are The Best Deals?

The settlement brokers know the market and the open offers best. The buyer must be active, or his broker, because the new sellers appear the market regularly. The negotiating skills and the experience of the broker can solve the deals. But expertise is needed.

5. Avoid To Buy From The Scam.

The settlement market includes several scam companies, unfortunately. This means, that a buyer has to co-operate with a proven expert, who has the latest information about the reputable companies and the market terms. Only then he is able to recommend something to the buyer.

The settlement investment, when handled correctly, offers a high ROI. This requires, that the purchase price is low, the deal is done with a secure and reputable company. And then the biggest profit maker, the settlement payments are tax free.

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What to Look For When Comparing High Interest Money Market Accounts

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Everyone wants to make the most out of their money, which is why high interest money accounts are so attractive. Whether you’re saving for a child’s education, a new car or a down payment on a home, money accounts are the ideal place for short-term savings. Money market blend the best of savings, checking and certificates of deposit. Here’s what to look for when comparing accounts.

Take Your Search Online

It used to be that opening a money market account meant that you had to take whatever rate your local bank gave you. Today, thanks to the internet, nationwide branches and even online-only banks have made the rates for money market accounts even more competitive. There are plenty of websites that provide you with daily rates, as well as ratings, terms and more information, letting you choose between dozens of high interest money accounts to find the one that suits your needs and financial goals.

Security and Safety

Once you’ve started to compare high interest money market accounts, chances are you’ll find very different requirements. Beyond the numbers, you’ll want to check for a high rating from well known rate comparison sites like Sites that have earned this rating have been deemed safe, secure and reliable for online and offline banking. Because market account aren’t subject to the volatile changes of the stock market, they are a great short-term saving solution for anyone who’s looking for low-risk, but still want the flexibility of being able to access their funds.

Get Rewarded!

Banks provide high interest money accounts as a way to reward loyal customers for their business. Some banks provide high interest on this type of account with only a $1,000 minimum balance, where the interest you earn is compounded daily and added to your account every month.

No matter which of the many high interest money you ultimately invest on, you can feel secure knowing that you’ll be able to manage your account online, just as you can with your savings and checking account. This kind of flexibility lets you transfer money between your money market account and other bank accounts (even if they’re at other financial institutions), write a set number of checks each month and even link your money market account to other accounts for added overdraft protection.

By keeping these tips in mind, you’ll be able to go beyond the numbers of high interest and leverage the many advantages that these types of accounts offer in helping you reach your short term financial savings goals.

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The default clauses are deadly traps by credit card companies!

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In an effort to protect their money, the credit card companies are getting more and more aggressive. Many companies have started inserting ‘universal default clause’ into their agreement. So even a smallest mistake of not paying your library dues in time may be looked upon by them as your big sin and you may face serious consequences which may threaten your financial life.
When you are offered a new credit card, you are not eager to read the terms of agreement carefully. You just sign below them and send the papers back to the card issuer. Remember, almost all the credit card companies are now including a dangerous clause in their agreement – universal default clause.
To put it in simple words, if you make even a small mistake of not paying any of your bills within 30 days, your card company may use that reason to label you as a defaulter. On that basis, they will be able to play with the terms of your credit card. They can hike the rate of interest, fees and penalties. The interest rate may even double.
There are many such ‘small causes’. If you are moving out of U.S. or provide a mailing address which is not located in U.S., that is a good reason for the card issuers to make their terms harder. If you are exceeding credit limit on any one credit just by a fraction that may be considered as a sign of your incompetency by all others!
You may think that if you are late in making payment for one credit card, the other credit cards should not be affected. They should not even know about it. However unfortunately this is not true. Credit card companies regularly check your credit report. If they find any such delinquency in any your account, they will promptly act on that basis. If you try to argue with them, they will simply tell you about the universal default clause.
The effect of this clause will be harsh in the years to come. You may not be able to get good mortgage terms. The auto loans may get tougher. There may not be any pre-approved lucrative offers to you.
It may not be convenient for you to refuse signing on a credit card agreement which contains universal default clause. You have to live with it. However, you can take the following precautions to jump over such trap -
1. If you receive a pre-approved offer, you should not rush to accept it. You should read the fine print. If there is a universal default clause there, think whether you really need that card. Once you sign such agreement, it becomes binding on you by law.
2. Regularly monitor your credit card accounts. You should be able to keep track of the payment due dates.
3. If you are disputing any charge, it is better to contact immediately to the creditor and get the things sorted out. There is no point waiting up to the time the account is sent for collections.
4. If the due date for payment on any of your credit card is not convenient to you, you should contact the card issuer get it changed so that you are comfortable with it.
5. If you have enough money, you should not wait for the due date. Instead, you can make the payment as soon as the bill is received.
6. If you do not have money to pay the bill on time, it is better to contact the creditor and makes some arrangement for payment.
7. You may consider the option of an automatic and electronic payment of your bills to get peace of mind.
If you miss out a payment, it may not be a big thing for you. However your card issuer may not think in the same way. Your late payments may continue to harm you for months or even for years!
Credit cards have become a part of life. That is why you should maintain them nicely. If you are unable to make payment of your dues in time, it will affect you in several ways. But now even if you miss out any other payment, you may be playing with your financial life. This is due to universal default clause. What is it exactly? Chintamani Abhyankar shows the dangers of universal default clause in this article.

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Chintamani Abhyankar, is an expert in the field of finance and taxation for last 25 years. He has written many books explaining inside secrets of the magic world of finance. His famous eBook Stop donating your money to IRS which is now running in its second edition, provides intricate knowledge and tips on personal income tax.