The default clauses are deadly traps by credit card companies!

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In an effort to protect their money, the credit card companies are getting more and more aggressive. Many companies have started inserting ‘universal default clause’ into their agreement. So even a smallest mistake of not paying your library dues in time may be looked upon by them as your big sin and you may face serious consequences which may threaten your financial life.
When you are offered a new credit card, you are not eager to read the terms of agreement carefully. You just sign below them and send the papers back to the card issuer. Remember, almost all the credit card companies are now including a dangerous clause in their agreement – universal default clause.
To put it in simple words, if you make even a small mistake of not paying any of your bills within 30 days, your card company may use that reason to label you as a defaulter. On that basis, they will be able to play with the terms of your credit card. They can hike the rate of interest, fees and penalties. The interest rate may even double.
There are many such ‘small causes’. If you are moving out of U.S. or provide a mailing address which is not located in U.S., that is a good reason for the card issuers to make their terms harder. If you are exceeding credit limit on any one credit just by a fraction that may be considered as a sign of your incompetency by all others!
You may think that if you are late in making payment for one credit card, the other credit cards should not be affected. They should not even know about it. However unfortunately this is not true. Credit card companies regularly check your credit report. If they find any such delinquency in any your account, they will promptly act on that basis. If you try to argue with them, they will simply tell you about the universal default clause.
The effect of this clause will be harsh in the years to come. You may not be able to get good mortgage terms. The auto loans may get tougher. There may not be any pre-approved lucrative offers to you.
It may not be convenient for you to refuse signing on a credit card agreement which contains universal default clause. You have to live with it. However, you can take the following precautions to jump over such trap -
1. If you receive a pre-approved offer, you should not rush to accept it. You should read the fine print. If there is a universal default clause there, think whether you really need that card. Once you sign such agreement, it becomes binding on you by law.
2. Regularly monitor your credit card accounts. You should be able to keep track of the payment due dates.
3. If you are disputing any charge, it is better to contact immediately to the creditor and get the things sorted out. There is no point waiting up to the time the account is sent for collections.
4. If the due date for payment on any of your credit card is not convenient to you, you should contact the card issuer get it changed so that you are comfortable with it.
5. If you have enough money, you should not wait for the due date. Instead, you can make the payment as soon as the bill is received.
6. If you do not have money to pay the bill on time, it is better to contact the creditor and makes some arrangement for payment.
7. You may consider the option of an automatic and electronic payment of your bills to get peace of mind.
If you miss out a payment, it may not be a big thing for you. However your card issuer may not think in the same way. Your late payments may continue to harm you for months or even for years!
Credit cards have become a part of life. That is why you should maintain them nicely. If you are unable to make payment of your dues in time, it will affect you in several ways. But now even if you miss out any other payment, you may be playing with your financial life. This is due to universal default clause. What is it exactly? Chintamani Abhyankar shows the dangers of universal default clause in this article.

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Chintamani Abhyankar, is an expert in the field of finance and taxation for last 25 years. He has written many books explaining inside secrets of the magic world of finance. His famous eBook Stop donating your money to IRS which is now running in its second edition, provides intricate knowledge and tips on personal income tax.

Be Careful who you take Debt Advice from

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Not all debt advice out there is designed with your best interest in mind. You have to be well aware of the credentials of who you are working with. Some organizations give the impression that they are there to help you. However, they are really only trying to make some money for themselves.

Ignoring debt is never a good idea. It will catch up to you and the cost can be unbelievable. In addition to what you already owe there will be interest, penalties, fees, and more. If you have to be served by an attorney for the money due and go to court there will be plenty of fees for all of that too.

Try to work out the debt when you can with who it is originally owed to. By doing so you can save yourself plenty of hardship later on. They may be willing to reduce interest, knock off late fees, and even take a settlement for a fraction of what you owe. You won’t know though unless you do take the time to contact them. That is solid debt advice you can really work with.

There are some programs out there that offer debt advice that can leave you worse off than you were before. They claim that they can lower what you owe and they can get you out of debt. Yet they payments don’t end up going to the creditors in many situations. There are also high fees so what you could be allocating to lower debt gets spent on those fees instead.

Filing bankruptcy isn’t a solution to consider unless you have tried everything else. You will find that the law makes it hard to rack up huge debts and then to file for bankruptcy to get out of them. You have to be able to show that your situation changed beyond your control.

You also need to hire a qualified attorney to walk you through the steps of the process. There are several types of bankruptcy that you may qualify for. They can help you to determine which one would be best if you have no other options left. They can also help you to get all the paperwork done as it can be complex and time consuming.

Since most attorneys offer free consultations, there is no reason why you shouldn’t explore several of them. They can offer you advice and feedback about your decision. You can select one of them to work with or change your mind about going that route completely. Yet it doesn’t hurt to explore what they can offer you since the consultation is free of charge or obligation.

Always do your homework too instead of just relying on various types of debt advice that are offered out there. Everyone has their own needs and debt situation that has to be carefully analyzed. There isn’t a one size fits all solution offered. You want to be in control of your debt though instead of allowing it to control you.

There are plenty of government agencies and non profit organizations willing to help you manage your debt. You may find that debt advice offered encourages you to go through budgeting classes. If you are a couple then you should attend them together. This can help you have a united front for spending and for saving habits.

If you would like more information and access to a host of financial resources, please be sure to check out Debt Solutions and get up to date news and information for your specific debt relief need. Debt Solutions is here for folks in need of financial relief, so take advantage of what they can offer to you.

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Andrew Allen is a top debt solution researcher who offers a variety of alternatives to debt relief on his site Debt Solutions. You may also want to check out his 100% Free Get Out of Debt Course and Newsletter. That particular course provides answers to take many of your debt related questions. If you are currently more than 10,000.00 in debt you can call 1-877-768-2856 for a FREE debt analysis.

Supertech upcountry offers 4 Bedroom Villas

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Supertech launch residential property Supertech Upcountry located at yamuna expressway near Noida Expressway. upcountry offers 4 Bedroom villas and with good amenities swimming pool, kids play area, cafetaria, sports facility and many other facility. Supertech Upcountry is offering a luxurious lifestyle at an affordable price.

Supertech Upcountry world’s class architecture shows the real image of modern lifestyle. If you are looking for a well developed township in reasonable prices, Supertech Upcountry is one of the best options for you. It offers great lifestyle at an affordable cost. Crafted elegantly and artfully structured, Upcountry is an ultimate destination for you and your family. Upcountry is very lowest price residential project in yamuna expressway. yamnuna expressway is very most place.

The Supertech Group is one of the premier real estate developers in Northern India. Since its inception 15 years ago, Supertech Group has achieved rapid progress by cashing in on the real estate boom in the country. Over the years, the company has achieved more than 7,500,000 square feet of premium quality construction. Apart from northern parts of India, the company aims to marks its presence in other parts of the country as well. Supertech Group’s relentless commitment towards excellence has fetched the group the coveted Udyog Ratan Award for the year 2001 and ISO 9001:2000 certification for the global quality construction standards as well. Explore the article and go through the profile of Supertech Group.

Supertech Construction Pvt. Ltd. is constantly working towards marking its national presence in real estate business. The company is into the construction of malls, townships, commercial complexes, with an aim to provide world-class facilities in each of its construction. Supertech Group is very big builder. Supertech make many residential project in Noida, Greater noida, Ghaziabad and other places. supertech group many Residential and commercial project in Delhi ncr.Our commitment to deliver quality with aesthetic design surges ahead with the enterprising vision of creating value through excellence. Our world class architecture shows true modern lifestyle.

About the Author is India’s first and only online brokerage for Real Estate.Its offers Supertech Upcountry Original booking With best prices.

Is it Possible to Relieve Oneself From Debt Using Government Grant Money?

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Let me show you how to get a $12,000 Free Government Grant from the US Government in as little as 7 days. Click here now!</b

Most Americans face dreadful debts and are you one of them? Do you feel miserable because of these ominous payables? If so, you will soon be able to get yourself out of your nightmare. It’s really admirable news for the people in debt because the US government will help them to cease their financial difficulties by providing support. Maybe this quite new and, even an unknown news for the majority although the federal and state governments are mandatory to comply with the established laws to offer billions of dollars to American citizens every year. That big amount of money is definitely for grants to reduce debts. Because of the ignorance of the knowledge of those laws and support systems, many people generally lose their opportunity and chance to be free from debts.

It’s a blessing time to liberate our citizens from unwanted tensions and anxieties about credits. By knocking the relief programs, one can remove financial miseries from his or his family’s lives. It’s an easy way to start with the relief system. First, one can surf online Government Grant website for a grant most suitable for one’s fiscal status. He or she should assure the chosen grant met with his needs. While application process, true and genuine data must be given. After that, one can simply wait for the results.

It’s critical to note that the applicants must be American citizens with age of at least 18. Any citizen is eligible to apply although he has improper credit balances. Once he is approved as qualified, he can get his grant amounts. The fortunate fact is that these grants are more effortless to obtain compared with customary loans. Nobody needs to exhaustively work out for a long procedure including applying credit checks, security deposits, collateral etc. The last and excellent fact is that those grants will not be paid in the future. Fabulous and priceless indeed!

Let me show you how to get $12,000 Free Government Grant from the US Government as little as 7 days.

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Let me show you how to get a $12,000 Free Government Grant from the US Government in as little as 7 days. Click here now!</b

Online Trading India – It’s Easier

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Online Trading India , is trading on the internet. It is an investment activity with no direct involvement of the broker.

There are many leading online trading portals in India along with the big online trading platforms like the National stock exchange and the Bombay stock exchange.

Investors first need to research as to which online trading firm is genuinely helping all its customers to trade effectively. After a prosperous explore of a effective trading company the investor needs to register with them and get into correspondences with the firm to deal in different securities following the terms and conditions listed down on the agreement.

While dealing, order working wants to be complete on accurate time because the servers of the online trading portal are engaged to the stock exchanges and designated banks all round the clock.
Investors keep getting regular updates concerned to the dynamic courses of the market. These sure updates or points are sent to the clients either complete emails or mobile SMS. Investors can use these tips to handle their issues effectively on investments that they make.

Brokerages also provide researched content on their websites, so that regular updates are visible to their currents and future customers. This also assists Online trading India to produce an image in the audience that they are updated investing firm.
The major financial products and services that an Online trading India allows for is equities, mutual funds, life insurance, general insurance, loans, share trading, commodities trading, portfolio management and financial planning.

There are numerous private families offering trading services in India, NSE and BSE are among the greatest exchange houses. Most of the investors right away trade from the above named houses. So, NSE and BSE have large amount of regular trading, supporting a great amounts of data traffic, and also helps in having a countrywide network.v

Some of the best Online Trading India companies in India include the following:

Sushil Finance

India Stock

Indiabulls online

Geogit securities online etc

Online trading has definitely made trading easier and effective but, proper direction on investments is required so always choose the optimum o Online Trading India Company to help you in your investment decisions.

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Online Trading India & Financial Services Provider,Sushil Finance group of author to know more visit here :

Necessity of private wealth management companies

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In today’s time, wealthy families in India are facing a time crunch, due to which they are unable to manage their wealth properly. The lack of time for adequate financial planning results from the fixed daily routine people follow nowadays. But, if you belong to a wealthy family and believe that safeguarding the family’ money is of paramount importance, then can taking the help of private wealth management service providing companies. Such organizations possess tremendous industry experience and cab render sound financial advices to you, in order to ensure the most secure business investments for your family.

Today, there is a lot of competition in all fields, because of which achieve our life’s goals and objectives has become very hard, even if we have properly planned it. This is how it goes with the issue of wealth management, as even many wealthy families in India are not able to manage their wealth in the desired manner. But if you hire a good and reputed firm to manage your assets, they can easily take care of your monthly to yearly financial planning and guide you to make good investments, which usually provide exponential returns. There are various entrepreneurs in India who have launched their own firms to manage peoples’ assets.

Advices from successful and experienced wealth management entrepreneurs can eventually help you achieve maximum profit in a very short span. Most of the asset management firms also provide taxation services India in order to save taxes for their clients. Tax redemption techniques are always welcomed by people belonging to wealthy families, since they provide a great way to invest the monies in investment opportunities that are extremely safe. Along with taxation services, the family office service of such organizations entails private wealth management, asset reporting, estate planning and wealth protection services.

Wealth or asset management by an experienced and well-known company is always better than managing wealth by yourself, because these organizations are professionals in this field and have better knowledge and experience than the layman. These companies also analyze various investments plans such as insurance plan, share market investments etc., and give proper knowledge of risks involved in these kinds of investments. They also define alternate asset classes, international investment options, and industry proven administrative techniques to safeguard your family business. So, it is always better to take help from professionals rather than managing wealth in a wrong or inefficient manner.

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<p style=”text-align: justify;”>I am Atul Sharma, the writer of this article in which I am to tell you about the requirement of private wealth management and Entrepreneurs in India.

Improve Your Chances Of Winning The Lottery?

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If we all got everything we wanted, most of us would have won the lottery by now. So what happens when we notice that we aren’t getting what we want, even when we’ve been using Law of Attraction to manifest a particular desire for an extended period of time?

Wanting to win the lottery is a clear desire, therefore, you need to use Law of Attraction deliberately. If you’re not getting evidence that your desire to win the lottery is manifesting, then you need to review the Law of Attraction formula and check to see if all three conditions for Deliberate Attraction are being met. All desires you may have, for example, attracting an ideal mate, an ideal client base, ideal health or an ideal abundance of money require these same three conditions.

Step 1: Clearly identify your desire Step 2: Raise your vibration (Give Your Desire Attention) Step 3: Allow it

So let’s examine these three conditions with respect to manifesting a winning lottery ticket.

Step 1: Clearly identify your desire (You bought a ticket and you WANT to win.) Step 1 is done.

Step 2: Raise your vibration (You talk about and daydream about all the things you’ll do with the money you win.) Step 2 is done.

If the only thing we needed to do is Step 1 and Step 2, most people would have everything they’ve ever become excited about. So as you observe that you’ve NOT attracted what you’ve been desiring (in this case, a winning lottery ticket), you’ll need to check the three step process to find out what step needs your attention more often. In most cases it’s Step 3 – Allowing.

Allowing is the absence of doubt. Doubt is a negative vibration that cancels out the positive vibration of your desire, so removing doubt will allow your desire to come to you. Removing doubt will speed up the manifestation of your desire.

One of the best tools for removing doubt is to start keeping a log or journal of all the ways in which you are attracting more abundance into your life, thus, you are finding proof! Abundance is simply energy and the more often you discover that you are aligned with the energy of abundance, the more often you will be removing doubt that you are Allowing your desire to win the lottery. For example, if you find money or someone buys you lunch or you find a great sale on an item you want to buy-this is all evidence that you are in alignment with abundance. Logging this evidence or tracking it in a journal will help you prove to yourself that you are aligning yourself more and more with abundance.

In short, how soon you’ll win the lottery is determined by how much doubt you have about winning, and winning is all about removing that doubt thereby aligning yourself with the energy of abundance.

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Max just writes for fun and usually about real life stories, if you liked this short story perhaps you can take a quick trip to this website to read more Win The Lottery

What To Look For In Penny Stocks?

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Expert weathermen can’t even predict what kind of weather we will wake up with 24 hours later. Why is it then that so many people seem to think they have some magic insight into the stock market? It seems the lower the value of the stocks the more sure people are of their ability to pick winners and know the exact time to buy or sell. Even after such guesses or predictions if you must, are proved to be wrong, people continue to insist that they have some 6th sense when it comes to penny stocks. One successful speculation can be the path to quick ruin for many people.

Stocks for which we only pay a few pennies or a dollar per share have a sort of gambler’s appeal. Few people make or lose their fortunes off penny stocks. That lack of fear makes them particularly dangerous. At least when it comes to the weather we at least put enough faith in the forecast to check what it is predicted to be. If people put just that much effort into penny stocks they would see a major improvement in their winning picks.

Just like the weather, the stock market changes slightly moment to moment and sees huge changes over a few days. This volatility requires a constant vigilance if you have any hopes of consistent success. Today’s hot stock is tomorrow’s laughing stock and vice versa. If you are just a little late in keeping up with the trend, you will miss out on opportunities and pick has beens instead of current winners and performers.

Fortunately there are thousands of experts out there who do this monitoring for you. They won’t necessarily point out sure winners to you every time. If they could do that they would have all lond since retired to a tropical island. But they can give you enough information to make an informed decision and have a shot at earning a good return. The internet is full of resources. It’s so full in fact that the hardest part is sifting through all the information to find what you need.

Penny stocks offer a great way for the small investor to get involved in the stock market and can give off great returns. But they can’t be looked at any differently than any other investment and require the same due diligence and research to make the best winning decisions. Just because they are cheap doesn’t mean they don’t come with the same risks as more expensive investments.

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Lindel Garvint wrote this article for Ratelines has been a valuable source of financial information for nearly 6 years. For recommendations on great credit card offers or different money market rates , please visit Lindel’s site.

Lee Byers Asks Can You Avoid the UK Tax Increase Without Moving Abroad?

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As the UK fast approaches the 6th of April and a new higher rate tax charge, we have teamed up with UK/US tax specialists to discover what you can do to avoid the 50% income tax rate without having to move abroad.

There is a well known saying that: “time and tide wait for no man” – and as we have entered 2010 already, the 6th of April is fast approaching, meaning that we’re about to see the introduction of a 50% tax rate and are now only weeks away from the UK moving back into the realms of being a very high tax country.

There has been much discussion in the media about how the full impact of this tax increase can be averted, with some individuals, companies and even business sectors putting active plans in place to leave the UK altogether. 

However, we thought we’d ask an expert whether you can avoid the UK income tax rate increase without having to move abroad…because whilst we appreciate that those who can actually will relocate, we’re well aware that not everyone is in a position to emigrate.
Lee Byers has teamed up with the UK/US tax advisory specialists, we can tell you all you need to know about the 50% tax increase, and how you may be able to save yourself substantially from the full impact of this deadly tax charge.

To remind you of the main features of the tax changes that are due to come into effect in April: -
• The new top income tax rate of 50% will apply to those with incomes over £150,000 from the 6th of April 2010.

• There will be a phased elimination of personal allowances – finally reaching zero – for those with incomes exceeding £112,950.

• The National Insurance employee rate rises, and for individuals from the 6th of April 2011 this will be increased to a 2% levy in place of the current 1% on income above the main table rate.  For employers the rate of charge will increase to 13.8%.
• The effective marginal rate where UK National Insurance, as well as income tax is due, will rise in the next year or so from 41% to 52%.

The ability to legitimately shelter from the full consequences of these charges is being further diminished.  The generous UK tax relief on pension contributions that has been available since April 2006 has been restricted significantly for those with incomes of at least £150,000 per annum. 

Whilst these rules will only apply from the 6th of April 2011, measures were introduced in the last Budget on the 22nd of April 2009 to discourage anyone who will be affected from increasing their contributions beyond their regular contribution patterns already in place.  The last Pre-Budget Report followed up on this in December 2009 to bring about further changes that now bring taxpayers within these special anti-forestalling rules where their income exceeds £130,000.

For these measures, (and for the banking sector in general as well), the payroll tax has had a significant impact on the thinking of individuals, businesses, and advisors looking again at what can be done to mitigate this higher rate tax charge.

Amongst possible solutions that may be considered is the advancement of income or profit shares pre-5th of April 2010.  Where scope exists, this might involve designing subsequent deferral mechanisms into Employee Benefit Trusts (EBTs) and Employer Funded Retirement Benefit Plans (EFRBs).  For some organisations this may mean maximising share incentives where capital gains (currently charged at 18%) can be maximised either under approved plans, or by designing incentive restrictions with a prospectively small income tax burden at present, in favour of longer term capital gains tax on growth thereafter.

Those who are now, or who have in the past been taxable in the UK on the remittance basis, have an opportunity to accelerate income through making remittances to the UK before the 6th of April.  Particularly where that income has already been subject to US tax, the UK savings that can be achieved through remitting before the 6th of April can be substantial, but the wider issues involved may be complex and so we urge that this type of year-end planning be addressed as soon as possible with the help of a qualified and experienced taxation adviser.

The ability to plan against full exposure to the new higher rates of tax has become more difficult – but the desire to pursue a capital gains tax rate of 18% in the UK becomes more powerful whilst this increased differential between income tax and capital gains tax rates lasts.

About Lee Byers
Lee Byers provides high quality investment products and services that are tailor-made to meet our client’s particular requirements. Our reputation has been built over the last nine years on solid values and investment expertise. Our experience and success has established us as one of the fastest growing investment brokerages in the world today. Further information about the Group is available on Lee Byers.

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Having more than 19 years experience in analyzing equities and investment instruments, Justin Lee has spoken at numerous industry events in Hong Kong, as well as the US, Middle East and Australia. Mr Lee has often contributed to print media publications including Business Week and Fortune Magazine, and has appeared on television programs such as Bloomberg and The Nightly Business Report. Currently Managing Partner & Investment Analyst at LeeLee Byers.

Building Life Wealth Scam – Why This Program Is Worth Your Confidence

21 August, 2014 (02:41) | personal finance investment | By: admin

Numerous folks thought about the building life wealth scam to be real. Scams are extremely rampant online right now and several men and women don’t wish to fall out to be victims of any scam. But this program is completely opposite to what you call as a fraud. In the event you take a close look at the program itself, then you’ll be one of the many other who can justify that this program is effective and offers satisfying outcomes within the end.

This program was created and offered by one of the exceptional money makers in actual estate, Russ Whitney. If actual estate is your enterprise, then you need to consider getting this kind of program. It has sets of directions and educational training with regards to the right moves that an investor need to do within the actual estate market. This is going to support you make profitable investments and acquire opportunities that can aid you generate positive money flow.

Building life wealth scam is no reality at all. Its effectiveness is evident in many reviews from real life users who were able to make the most of what this program provides. It can address the difficulties that you encounter in actual estate especially if you’re new into the business.

There is a great deal of reasons on why this program is worthy of your trust. Initial is it a made by probably the most common figure in the real estate world. Russ Whitney is a successful actual estate investor and he is willing to share everything he knew about the ins and outs of the real estate marketplace. This is specially developed for those folks who wish to make money out of their investments.

Building life wealth scam is the latest program that he produced. This learning material is very helpful in terms of becoming financially capable. This program can be a complete guide on how you’ll have the ability to improve your capability to invest and gain much more income. Many individuals have already tried this program because they desire to learn from the real estate guru Russ Whitney. Every thing which is essential in real estate is compiled in this program.

If you are serious about building life wealth, this is one opportunity that you should not miss. Building life wealth scam is only a rumor along with the quite a few positive feedback from their users are proofs to the program’s credibility. You’ll find lots of investing lessons to understand in this program that you are able to implement to your enterprise.

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For more info please visit Russ Whitney at